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Enjoy the ambience of Palm Beach’s  chic spa that transplanted itself from the Hamptons—where it served the likes of Jay-Z, Jennifer Lopez and Christie Brinkley—to the Island of Palm Beach.  Style Bar is now the hottest, most chic destination for the movers and shakers of Palm Beach.

Hair-8-28-13 016MY EXPERIENCE:  This place in unique! They greet you and treat Hair-8-28-13 017you:  I enjoyed delicious, fresh-brewed Keurig coffee with a sweet home-made cupcake, then graduated later to a wonderful glass of Cabernet Sauvignon wine.  I relaxed AND ended up VERY happy with my hair!  Thumbs up to Style Bar!! WOW!


Have a Spa Day–or a Spa Party!  (Birthday, Girl's Night Out, Mom & Daughter Day, Bachelorette)

Located, at the Bank United Building, 2875 South Ocean Drive, Palm Beach, Florida 33480
Phone:   561-585-9788    Info:    http://www.stylebarspa.com 

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Ahhhh!                                                                                                       Salon Owner: Perrie

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Plush and Comfy